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One of the more fascinating developments in sustainable development is the concept of vertical farming strategies.  The concept is simply to return food production to the urban environment where is is consumed.  The benefits include the availability of fresh produce without the costs and product degradation and costs associated with transport, processing and storage.  The technology is available to grow an incredible range of produce in the unlikely location of an urban high-rise.

Vertical farming structures can be attached to other structures like parking facilities.

Whether based on soil bearing planter systems or soil-less hydroponic systems vast amounts of various produce can be produced from a relatively small footprint.  This is possible, by designing structures to maximize sun exposure and increased protection from naturally occurring destructive elements like high winds, insects and drought.  In this ideal environment much better productivity can be expected, as well as much larger yield  from the actual area of land being utilized.

A variety of crops can be grown within a block of the urban residential consumers.



Farmer’s Markets — A Fresh Experience

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