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Hawaii’s First NAHB Certified Green Home Holds Open House

January 24, 2011

The public got a peek inside Hawaii’s first NAHB certified Green Home this weekend.  Bossert Builders, Inc, the General Contractor showed off the new sustainable house in Keolu Hills (Kailua).  The previous home was a total loss due to a fire, but according to Nick Bossert the new home, re-built to “green” specs, cost no more than conventional construction.

(Top) The floor plan features abundant natural lighting from multiple windows, (Left) A “Water Hog” tank nestles against the house and stores rainwater for watering the yard,  (Center) sustainable exotic flooring includes Brazilian Cherry and Tiger Wood (a type of bamboo) laminates, (Right) an over-sized hot water heater stores the abundant product from rooftop solar panels.

Costs for sustainable design and construction are becoming more affordable , and there will be more people opting for this style of green construction in the future.  With features like solar water heating, free catchment water for landscaping and natural cooling and ventilation strategies “green” will mean significant savings in “operational” costs for the home owner.

The secret to keeping cool is insulation, not air conditioning.

The NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and their National Green Building Certification Program is backed by their 45-year experience as an ISO accredited, third-party inspection agency and building product testing laboratory.  Their program tests for energy efficiency, water efficiency, resource efficiency, lot and site development and indoor environmental quality.

Nick Bossert explained the huge contribution of one of the unseen components, the extensive insulation.  The exterior walls and underside of the vented roof attic are heavily insulated to prevent radiant heat from penetrating to the interior walls and ceiling.  This greatly reduces heat build-up in the interior and comfortable temperatures are maintained with natural ventilation and ceiling fans.  The cost savings of this feature alone are tremendous when compared to getting similar results with energy-hungry air conditioning.  For more information visit:

Bossert Builders Inc.

NAHB Green Building Certification Program

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