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Big Island’s Green Energy Center

October 6, 2010

The NELHA Hawaii Gateway Center is a new landmark on the Kona coast.

By Archinspire

Located at Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, this building has been recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally for its exemplary sustainable and green design strategies.  Called as The Hawaii Gateway Energy Center. The NELHA Hawaii Gateway Energy Center (HGEC) is a sustainable, zero-net energy multi-use facility that engages in various distributed and renewable energy research, generation, development, demonstration, education, and outreach activities.  NELHA is the acronym for Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, the State agency that operates the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii and harvests cold, deep seawater from depths of up to 3,000 feet below sea level.

Completed in 2004, Phase 1 of the HGEC project is a visitor center of approximately 3,500 square feet, which houses administration, exhibition, retail, conference, auditorium, and support spaces, and also features a covered central multi-use gathering deck of approximately 2,400 square feet. Phase 2 of the Gateway campus will be a research laboratory complex of approximately 22,000 square feet. The research complex is planned to support hydrogen fuel cell and other sustainable energy technology research.  Designed byFerraro Choi Architects.

Sustainable Design Strategies:

  1. Distributed Energy Facility
  2. Zero-Net Energy Facility (produces more energy than it consumes)
  3. Photovoltaic Energy Production
  4. Deep Seawater for Space Cooling
  5. Deep Seawater for Condensation Irrigation
  6. Deep Seawater for Fresh Water Production
  7. Daylighting Design
  8. Shading Design for Glazing
  9. Envelope Insulated Against Heat Gain
  10. Energy Efficient Building Orientation
  11. Energy Efficient Building Configuration
  12. Solar Chimney For Induced Ventilation
  13. Septic System On-Site
  14. Greywater Use On-Site
  15. 100% Outside Air Ventilation
  16. Native Landscaping
  17. Porous Paving Systems
  18. Recycled Materials
  19. Locally Produced Construction Materials
  20. Systems Commissioning
  21. LEED® Recognized Strategies
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